Boston-based designer Kate Reed is building Wearable Technology leveraging principles of nature to connect humans and computers. She is pioneering the discipline of Biomimetic Wearable Computers.

As the first graduate of the MIT-backed NuVu Studio, Kate has designed, engineered and built countless wearable computers. Her designs and inventions have been featured at the White House, Boston and New York Fashion Week, Museum of Design Atlanta, the Hackaday Superconference, MIT Museum, and the Boston Children’s Museum among the others.

Beyond Biomimicry

Fabricademy Final Project 2020
Dassault Systèmes, MA | USA

"Kate Reed's Beyond Biomimicry is a call to Nature, to bring her with us, and ask for her help in our human design process, in hopes of creating a more sustainable, equitable future in our increasingly technology-driven world."

The project consists of a collection of wearable devices that are grown and not made; a collaboration between living organisms, algorithms, bio fabrication and sustainable processes that Kate investigated during her 6-month journey at the 3DExperienceLab - Dassault Systèmes Fabricademy Node in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Making of Video

Techniques/processes used

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Sea Sprouts - Beyond Mimicry

Molded - Beyond Mimicry

Root - Beyond Mimicry

Meander - Beyond Mimicry

Crystals Interface - Beyond Mimicry

Crystals Interface - Beyond Mimicry

Sea Sprouts - Beyond Mimicry

Sea Sprouts - Beyond Mimicry

Photo Credits: Kate Reed

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