Yucatan | Mexico, July 26th to August 2nd, 2024

🧶Makers tackling the topic of cultural preservation: Future Fabrics Mexico - Weaving Technology Into Tradition. 💡

Future Fabrics, the winning Bhutan Fab City Challenge project strikes again, with a focus on the Mayan weaving and the Mexican cultural heritage.
Join the Fabricademy team, the Future Fabrics group and Fab Lab Yucatan, in a week of immersion into the local tradition of weaving, learning from the experts, and visiting craftswomen weaving communities.

Building upon the methodology developed in Bhutan, the project solutions should be oriented towards three main scopes.

  • How can we preserve traditional arts, culture & crafts
  • How do we make art and culture more accessible
  • Can we foster knowledge exchange and upgrade traditional tools?

Concretely, we seek to research and develop :

  • A downloadable digital vector pattern library of Mayan symbols
  • A second version of an educational weaving kit for kids
  • An assistive solution for the traditional back-strap loom


Makers and enthusiasts from various disciplines are all invited. It is not required to have any previous experience in textiles or weaving. It is encouraged to have experience in working with communities, fostering digital crafts and empowering women in innovation and entrepreneurship. Future Fabrics Mexico has capacity for 25 participants.


Future Fabrics Mexico is led by Fabricademy, in collaboration with Future Fabrics Group and it is hosted by Fab Lab Yucatan, in Merida.


  • Fill in the application in THIS FORM.
  • Register for the FAB24 ONLINE Informative Session, March 14th, 14:00pm CET
  • Extended submissions deadline: May 15th
  • Selected Finalists will be announced before the end of May

There is no participation fee for the challenge, but the selected applicants should manage their accommodation and transportation independently. Our host, Fab Lab Yucatan we offer access to equipment, tools and consumables as well as lunch breaks.

Submit your application:

Future Fabrics MEXICO is building upon the results of Future Fabrics Bhutan. All participants are invited to review the open and extensive documentation of Fab23 Challenge in Bhutan in order to get a better understanding and overview of the scope of the project.

Future Fabrics will be held from July 26th to August 2nd, 2024, in Fab Lab Yucatan, Merida.

More updates will be released soon. Stay tuned to find our more on our #Fabricademy social media accounts and on Fab 24 event!