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The Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region renews its grant for the program for ten job seekers, registered or not to the Pôle emploi, who live in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region and who wish to learn new technologies combining textiles, digital manufacturing and biology.
The Scholarship is specifically addressed to french participants living in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region that will be spending the 6-months program in Lyon.

Fabricademy Lyon takes place in Oullins and offers as well collective accommodation on-site for trainees who are far from the Lyon area (Grenoble, Valence, Clermont Ferrand...).

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La Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes renouvelle sa subvention pour le programme à destination de dix personnes en recherche d'emploi, inscrites ou non à Pôle emploi, qui demeurent dans la région Auvergne Rhône Alpes et qui souhaite apprendre de nouvelles technologies combinant le textile, la fabrication numérique et la biologie.
Fabricademy Lyon se déroule dans notre annexe à Oullins, et propose également un hébergement collectif sur place pour les stagiaires éloignés de la région lyonnaise (Grenoble, Valence, Clermont Ferrand...).

Fabricademy Program Details

Fabricademy is a 6-month intensive program at the intersection of digital fabrication, textiles and biology with a mission to (re)shape and (re)define the implications and applications of technology in the textile and clothing industry, from the fashion sector to the upcoming wearable market. The program explores the interrelation of human-technology-environment through the notions of embodiment, materiality, ecodesign, biodesign, performance, smart textiles and digital fabrication.
It offers a broad overview of the state of the art of the current industry and builds on “learning by doing” methodologies, tackling themes like personal fabrication, distributed manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Wearable Technology, Biofabrication, Assistive technologies and Sustainability.
A combination of online lectures given by international experts and hands-on classes and machine access guided by local experts in a fully equipped Lab environment.

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Scholarship Details

  • The Scholarships provided are specifically addressed to 10 job seekers, who live in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region.

Scholarship Conditions

  • Participants with scholarships must attend a minimum of 85% of classes and Reviews

  • Participants with scholarships must finish the course in the 1st Evaluation Round (April 2023)

  • Participants with scholarships must comply with the program terms, conditions and procedures

  • Participants commit to dedicate 30 hours weekly to the program

  • Participants with scholarships cannot defer their grant for the following years. If students discontinue the course, the scholarship will be terminated, and Central Coordination may require payment of full fees. Project design and files, as a rule of Fabricademy, will be open source.

  • Participants that will be selected accept that part of their work will be published on Websites and/or Social Media channels of the partners involved.

Eligibility criteria and Application process

In order to participate, candidates interested in the Fabricademy Scholarship Competition must:

  • Hold a first-level academic diploma or Bachelor's degree, or are about to graduate within the academic year of the program

  • Have a proficiency level in English

  • Complete the scholarship application form at by choosing LeTextileLab Lyon.

  • Applicants from different disciplines are accepted, there are not any requirements for specific skills.

  • The scholarship cannot be deferred to the next year. Applicants with experience in digital fabrication, wearable technology, or electronics will be appreciated.

If you have already applied to the Fabricademy program, please send an email to to communicate that you are participating in the scholarship opportunity as well.

After sending their application via the online form, participants will be contacted for an individual interview, the final registration will be validated by a selection committee.

Scholarship Application Deadline

  • Start date: 1 August
  • End date: 15 September
  • Winners announcement: 17 September

Fabricademy Coordination and Le Textile Lab Lyon release the name of the winners on their social networks and web pages.