#Bioshades Event MARCH 15, 2018 + Exhibit. at Mazda Space, Barcelona


On the 15th of March, Textile Lab Amsterdam | Waag organized the #Bioshades Event, Workshop and Talk, streamed at the same time in the different European TCBL labs.

The workshop about the potential of dyeing with bacteria as a more sustainable solution for dying fibres and textiles was coordinated by Ista Boszhard and Cecilia Raspanti, founders of Waag's TextileLab Amsterdam.

During the day, participants, led by local instructors, learned how to extract colors from bacteria through a step-by-step process.

In the evening, Cecilia Raspanti, Nina Papakonstantinou, Roosmarie Ruigrok, Victoria Geaney, Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou and Marleen Stikker spoke during the #TALK.

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At Maza Space in Barcelona, Anastasia led the local participants during #Bioshades workshop and talked about the future of the textile industry during the
FabTextiles Talk + Exhibition.

The Exhibition, between innovation and sustainability, soft fabrication and biology, hosted several projects by Fabricademy 2017 students of FabTextiles | Fab Lab Barcelona.

Fabricademy2017 student projects by FabTextiles / Clara Davis / Laura Civetti / Zoe Powell / Carolin Vogler.

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Photo credits: Clara Davis

http://www.good2b.es/event-post/crafting-the-future-by-anastasia-pistofidou/ Crafting the Future Event at Maza Space, Barcelona

15-20, MARCH @Mazda Space Exhibition

FabTextiles's seamless clothing top by Anastasia Pistofidou - Digital Body by Misha Orlandini - Seamless clothing pattern by

Digital bodies mannequins, Fab Lab Barcelona

Digital bodies by Clara Davis and Carolin Vogler

Thermochromic ink research, FabTextiles

Bacteria Textile Dye by BioBabes, Fab Lab Barcelona

Bioplastic research by Clara Davis, FabTextiles

Laura Civetti's bioplastic "Kimono"

Laura Civetti's "Kimono" - Bioplastic dress by parametric module

Fabtextiles's 3D Printed Top by Anastasia Pistofidou
Project by Carolin Vogler

Project by Carolin Vogler in Fab Lab Barcelona

Fabtextiles's Bioplastic Wunderpants and Activated Charcoal Top
Team: Clara Davis, Anastasia Pistofidou, Mohamad Atab.
Bioplastic "Kimono" by Laura Civetti

Natural Dyes samples, FabTextiles, Fab Lab Barcelona

Textile Crystalization, Growing crystals in saturated solutions with fabric formwork.

3D prtinted garments

Conductive material research, Fab Lab Barcelona

E-Textiles, FabTextiles

E-textiles, Cristian Rizzuti and FabTextiles, Fab Lab Barcelona

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