If you wish to participate in Fabricademy 2017, please fill out the form below, and you will be contacted by us to find a lab close to you.

Student’s Application process

  • Fill out the online application form (displayed below once we open registrations)
  • The local tutor will contact you to have a personal interview (in-person or via skype).
  • Fabricademy Coordination will contact you to let you know the results of the process.
  • Once you receive the confirmation letter, you must make a deposit to secure your place, before the program starts

Tuition fees.

The tuition fees vary from lab to lab, with a recommended fee of 5000,- USD / Eur.

Included in the costs:

  • All the basic course materials.
  • 14 hours a week of hands-on Lab access and personal instruction.


Local labs will determine different programs for scholarships: Internships, Special programs with other institutions and social organizations.

To apply for a scholarship please send your local lab a letter of intent (no more than 250 words), explaining the conditions and reasons to be the beneficiary of this program.

Students application form

Follow the link below and apply today. You will be contacted by the Node you applied, who will give you all the information about the course and will support you in the student application process.